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Editor's Note:

Welcome to Fall – Almost! Check Out All the Great Stories This Month

It’s ALMOST fall in the south, though we always have many warm days up until at least Thanksgiving. We hope this issue of Birmingham Parent will give you the fall bug, from pumpkin patches opening, fall festivals, Halloween décor and more.


We focus on special needs in our March and September issues, and this month we have a number of stories that highlight special programs in the Birmingham area, as well as an update on what’s happening with Caroline’s Cart.


One story we have this month, aside from Special Needs, is about the importance of spinal screenings during adolescence (page 42). I can personally vouch for this need, as I am a parent of a child who had scoliosis that became severe enough to require surgery. Today, at 28, she lives with a small metal rod in her back, but she’s got a straight spine now, thanks to a great surgeon at Children’s of Alabama.


I still remember how we discovered the curve in her back. She was pretty young at the time, and one night I happened to be in the bathroom with her as she climbed into the tub.  Hillary was always a thin child, and I noticed her backbone had a distinct curve. I made an appointment with the pediatrician, and he said that yes, she did have scoliosis. 



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This discovery led to several years of orthopedic appointments, a body brace and eventually surgery to correct a curve that had grown from 19 degrees initially, to 45 degrees at time of surgery. The curve had started affecting her life, her internal organs, and even how she held herself and walked. The surgery was a huge success, straightened her back and literally changed her life overnight. In fact, she “grew” a whole inch in surgery!


Public schools check for this curvature of the spine, but be sure to read this story and do some checking on your own at home. Being aware and doing something about it, if your child does have scoliosis, will change their future. 

Happy Fall!

Carol Muse Evans

Member, Alabama Media Professionals and National Federation of Press Women, member of SAPA


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Carol Muse Evans is publisher/editor/owner of Birmingham Parent magazine, a publication she and her husband David began in 2004. The Birmingham, Alabama-based parenting publication attracts more than 60,000 readers monthly in a four-county area and receives 10,000 hits per month on its website. The magazine has a 20,000+ print circulation, plus several thousand in readership of the digital edition online. It is the only independently audited free publication in our area, Evans is an award-winning writer and editor who has also has written for several other publications as a freelance writer since the late 80s. She is a graduate of Auburn University in journalism and is a graduate of Scottsboro High School. She is married with two grown children and lives in Alabaster. She is a member of the National Federation of Press Women, Alabama Media Professionals and Southeastern Advertisers and Publishers Association (SAPA). 


Lori Chandler Pruitt is associate editor of Birmingham Parent, where she is responsible for the calendar and editorial editing. She also is a freelancer for Business Alabama magazine and has written/edited for several other publications. is award-winning writer and editor is a graduate of the University of Alabama in news/editorial and Hueytown High School. She is married with two children.