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Editor's Note:

Happy Mother’s Day

May is full of celebrations, from graduations and lots of spring birthdays, ballgames, to Mother’s Day.


I’m thrilled each year to be honored by my two children, but I still miss my mother, who has been gone from this earth almost 23 years. It seems like yesterday when she was still here and my kids were little. 


I wish I could talk to her one last time, tell her things about my life, my husband and children (who all adored her) and honor her. My daughter still remembers her. My son, not so much, as he was barely 2 years old when she died as a result of early onset Alzheimer’s disease.  She was only 56 when diagnosed and 65 when she died. 


Throughout the years she has been gone, I’ve almost canonized her, idolized her. And she WAS a great woman and a great mom. But this year, as I’ve really reflected on family as a whole and looked at lots of mothers on my husband’s side and mine, I realize she was just a person, and a person who made mistakes like the rest of us. She wasn’t the perfect mom, but she was the perfect mom for me. She always made me believe I could do anything, be anything, and I was loved by her beyond measure. You know it’s big when relatives continue to tell you she would be proud of you, how proud she was of you, and how much she wanted you and loved you.  


We were far from wealthy or even comfortable, but when I think back on my childhood, I don’t remember that part. I remember being loved, being cared for and lifted up. I do remember family vacations (my mom would do everything with me – I had no siblings), holidays, illnesses and hospital stays, and even times I got into trouble. But I never wanted to disappoint her, so that didn’t happen too often as I got older. 

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I know there are some who haven’t been so blessed. Their experiences with their mothers have not been good. I hope on this special day you break the cycle and show your own children what it means to be a great mom!


I hope this month as you reflect on Mother’s Day, that you remember your mom fondly, honor her, and I hope that you have a mother figure to aspire to be like as you mother your own children.

Happy Mother's Day,

Carol Muse Evans

Member, Alabama Media Professionals and National Federation of Press Women, member of SAPA


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Carol Muse Evans is publisher/editor/owner of Birmingham Parent magazine, a publication she and her husband David began in 2004. The Birmingham, Alabama-based parenting publication attracts more than 60,000 readers monthly in a four-county area and receives 10,000 hits per month on its website. The magazine has a 20,000+ print circulation, plus several thousand in readership of the digital edition online. It is the only independently audited free publication in our area, Evans is an award-winning writer and editor who has also has written for several other publications as a freelance writer since the late 80s. She is a graduate of Auburn University in journalism and is a graduate of Scottsboro High School. She is married with two grown children and lives in Alabaster. She is a member of the National Federation of Press Women, Alabama Media Professionals and Southeastern Advertisers and Publishers Association (SAPA). 


Lori Chandler Pruitt is associate editor of Birmingham Parent, where she is responsible for the calendar and editorial editing. She also is a freelancer for Business Alabama magazine and has written/edited for several other publications. is award-winning writer and editor is a graduate of the University of Alabama in news/editorial and Hueytown High School. She is married with two children.