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Editor's Note:

Turkey and Dressing´╗┐

It’s one of the Thanksgiving staples of the southern home – turkey and dressing. My northern and western neighbors may call it stuffing, but in the South, it’s “dressing.” Everyone has their favorite recipe – all cornbread, partial loaf bread, adding sausage or rice, lots of sage, a little sage, etc. 


For me, no one could make it quite like my mom. Hers was an all-cornbread recipe – and she was generous with the sage. It was cornbread, onions, celery, salt, pepper, sage, chicken broth and hard boiled eggs. She never really could tell me exactly how much of each to use.  She’d say, “Just taste it.”  Or she’d just say, “Add the ingredients until you like the way it looks.”


She has been gone for more than 20 years. For so long the holidays have been bittersweet to me. I love to celebrate with my husband, children and family, but it makes me miss her so much more during those special occasions. I did have the good sense to make the dressing with her enough to be able to make her recipe now – even though there’s really no written recipe.  And now, my husband and children think no one else can make it like I can. And I kind of like that.


Except for the year I added too much sage. And it was BAD.  Now the joke is, “not too much sage!”  They are right, but it’s yet another memory that my own family has built together.  Other family members have said it was dry – and they are right. That’s how we like it. Better dry with gravy on it. 


I’m trying to write that recipe down now. I want Hillary and Keith to be able to make MY dressing someday, if they want to. They can share it came from their Grandma Dot that they knew just for a little while, but still can enjoy something she started, and we passed down.


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As I go through my old recipe box, I still find cherished recipe cards and bits of paper in her handwriting.  No one else would know, but I do. Someday these will be Hillary’s and Keith’s.We’ve built our own Thanksgiving memories, me and my little family.


We’ve done it with a simple dressing. Of course, there’s also the deviled eggs – another favorite at my house – ham, and the sweet potato casserole my son thinks we must have.  I’m glad he likes mine – another special recipe to hand down to him.  I hope you and your family enjoy your family traditions and are building new ones of your own!


Hope you enjoy this issue, and have a very happy THANKSGIVING!´╗┐

Carol Muse Evans

Member, Alabama Media Professionals and National Federation of Press Women, member of SAPA


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