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Should I Leave an Inheritance for My Sibling?

Published: 08/31/18
By: Melanie B. Holliman
Now that’s a loaded question, and the answer is, “it depends” . . . on your sibling’s situation. Most often, clients leave assets for a sibling in three situations: (1) the sibling is aging and has limited assets to pay for long-term care; (2) the sibling is disabled, and the [Read More]

Raise Green Kids

Published: 07/31/18
By: Christina Katz
The older kids get, the longer their school supplies can endure. An elementary school child may wear out most school supplies each year or exhaust them as part of the classes’ shared supply. But a tween or teen can reuse many school supplies over and over throughout junior high and [Read More]

Presbyterian Home for Children

Published: 07/31/18
By: Carol Muse Evans
It’s a staggering statistic. The average age of a homeless person in Alabama is age 6. This is the approximate age of a first grader. One organization in Alabama is seeking to make a huge difference in the lives of homeless children and mothers in Alabama – and one that [Read More]

Dealing with Dyslexia

Published: 07/31/18
By: Paige Townley
Many people think that dyslexia is just a problem of “reading backward.” But it’s much more than that. Dyslexia is a language-based learning disability that causes difficulty with spelling, writing and pronouncing words. It also doesn’t just affect boys. Studies show that dyslexia affects both genders in nearly equal numbers. [Read More]

Age by Age Bike Safety Basics

Published: 07/31/18
By: Malia Jacobson
Want to encourage a lifetime of fitness, fun, and freedom? Bicycling offers all three, and today’s young riders are safer than ever. Per government statistics, kids’ fatalities from bike accidents have dropped 62 percent since 1999. But that doesn’t mean you should turn your kid loose on two wheels without [Read More]

Alabama STEM Education

Published: 07/31/18
By: Paige Townley
Juanita Graham spends hours every week at Alabama STEM Education working with children, creating fun and exciting programs her students will enjoy, managing volunteers, and finding ways to reach more children. These tasks are certainly time-consuming, but to her, it’s not a job. It’s her calling. Graham started Alabama STEM [Read More]

Vulcan Park and Museum to Host Motors and Mochas Car Show

Published: 07/30/18
By: Courtesy of Vulcan Park and Museum
Motors and Mochas was created to bring car aficionados together atop Red Mountain to share their passion for cool cars, including classics, customized, restored, racing and other incredible vehicles. O’Henry’s Coffee will be available onsite with the purchase of an admission ticket, while supplies last. The park, including the museum, [Read More]

Great Wolf Lodge Makes Its Official Splash in Georgia

Published: 07/01/18
By: Courtesy of Great Wolf Resorts
Great Wolf Resorts, Inc., North America’s largest family of indoor water park resorts, recently celebrated the grand opening of its highly anticipated Great Wolf Lodge Georgia. Located in the city of LaGrange, the resort is the perfect year-round family getaway with an expansive indoor water park and an adjoining adventure [Read More]
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