Birmingham Zoo 2017 Zoofari Summer Camp

Category: Biology Camps, Day Camps, Science Camps

Primary Camps:

Pirates of the Zooribbean

Ahoy there! We are setting sail for mysterious islands filled with exotic animals, lost treasures and pirates. Get your map and hoist your jolly roger for this journey that will take us out to sea as we learn about wildlife and water conservation in faraway places through crafts, games, shanty’s, scavenger hunts and so much more! Yer little lad will not want to miss out on this grrrrreat adventure!

Nature Detectives

Campers will explore animals, habitats, and the wonders of the natural world as they trek through the Zoo on our journey. We will take an up close look at nature like never before through Zoo hikes, scavenger hunts, arts and crafts, behind the scenes journeys, animal demonstrations and much more! Campers will gain an appreciation and love for the natural world 

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Are you searching for something exciting for your child to do during the week of July 4th? We have the answer you’ve been searching for! For the first time ever, we are offering a summer camp where the kids are in control! Campers may choose from many options throughout the day as they decide what interests them the most. Options include Zoo hikes, games, train rides, carousel or slide, create crazy crafts, or relax and watch a movie voted on by them! This camp is sure to be a big hit for all!
Note: Only available July 5 -7

Jr. Zoo Keeper

Does your camper want to work at the Zoo? Campers have a chance to experience what it’s like to be a Zoo Keeper! This will be an introduction to zoo keeping as campers learn about zoo animals, training, talk with Zoo Keepers, learn to work with animals and also get a chance to create enrichment for the animals. Campers will not want to miss this exciting adventure!
Specialty Camps

Art Safari

Let’s go on an Art Safari! Campers will take a trip around the world and learn how animals as well as people use patterns and colors to help them in their daily life. Campers will then use what they learn to make their own masterpieces! They will also enjoy animal demonstrations, Zoo Keeper talks, splash pad fun, Zoo hikes, train and carousel rides and so much more!

Zoo Keeper

It’s time to roll up your sleeves and learn what life is like as a Zoo Keeper! Campers will take part in many hands-on activities alongside Zoo Keepers including animal husbandry, feeding, observations, training, enrichment and will learn the value of teamwork. Zoo Keepers start their day early so this camp beings at 7:30am sharp on Tuesday – Friday. Campers are sure to get their hands dirty in this one of a kind camp.
Note: Monday begins at 8:30am


This camp is for campers interested in a one-of-a- kind Zoo experience! Campers will explore many of the areas most Zoo guests never see. We will travel behind-the-scenes with a Zoo Keeper as they perform their daily tasks. We will learn how the animal nutrition center prepares meals for more than 950 animals a day as well as what it’s like to work with animals during a wildlife show and much more. This camp promises to give an in depth look into what it’s like behind-the-scenes!

Cat Week

Cat Week is a special camp developed by one of our very own Predator Zoo Keepers. For one week only you can join us as we learn how cats at the Zoo are cared for and trained as well as their amazing adaptions. This camp will fill up fast! Space is limited.
Note: July 31 – Aug. 4 ONLY

Animal Wellness

This camp will explore the many different methods Zoo Keepers and animal healthcare professionals use to take care of all the animals at a Zoo. Through demonstrations, behind-the-scenes tours and hands-on opportunities, students learn basic skills in providing medical care for a wide variety of animals. Throughout the week we will explore topics including minimizing stress in animals and learning to use basic tools for weighing and monitoring.

Conservation Connections

Using the Zoo as basecamp we will explore conservation efforts in Alabama and at the Birmingham Zoo. Participants will learn about our all male elephant herd, the delicate balance and relationship of gopher tortoises and indigo snakes, the affect climate change is having on polar bear populations in the Arctic and much more. This camp will include observations, data collection and inquiry based investigations in order to answer questions that participants themselves determine. This camp will increase camper awareness and knowledge of the world around them, as well as their place within it.
Note: June 26 – 30 ONLY

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Address: 2630 Cahaba Road Birmingham, AL, 35223
Phone 1: 205-397-3877
Gender: Coed
Minimum Age: 4
Maximum Age: 18
Year Established: 2015
Average Cost Per Week:

$220-$280 per week.

Season Starts: May 30, 2017
Season Ends: August 4, 2017
Camp Activities: Active Learning Games, Arts & Crafts, Marine Science, Nature & Environmental Studies
Financial Aid: Yes
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