National TeleTherapy Resources Summer Reading Boot Camp

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NTR’s Summer Reading Boot Camp can give your student the edge up in reading that he/she is needing! This 6-week program is completed completely online. Boot Camp takes place with live interactive sessions led by licensed and certified speech & occupational therapists.

Before the program begins your student will complete an online assessment which will give vital information about your student’s reading ability. Our Summer Boot Camp Sergeants will teach the lessons according to the student’s needs! Students will then have access to the online reading program with lessons and games to complete on their own!

Camps will be flexible to meet your needs! Both camps are taught by licensed therapists; trained and ready to teach reading.

Ages K-15

Intense Training

Intense Training will meet 4 times a week for 6 weeks for one-hour sessions. Students will also have a daily assignment in addition to camp time! This is for students who maybe falling behind in school.

 Basic Training

Basic Training will meet once a week for 6 weeks. Basic Training students will also log into their program and complete assignments daily. This program will be excellent for students who want to advance over summer and not experience that dreaded summer downward slide in reading over the summer.

We also have year long reading intervention!

What kind of equipment do you need?

You will need:
An up to date computer
A high-speed internet connection
A headset with a microphone
A webcam
Adobe Acrobat (or a PDF reader of your choosing)

NTR- A Child’s Link to Success!

Phone 1: 844-NTR-LINK
Phone 2: 844- 687-5465
Gender: Coed
Minimum Age: 5
Maximum Age: 15
Year Established: 2017
Average Cost Per Week:

Because everyone is unique we invite you call for a no-obligation consultation for therapy and price quote.

Camp Length: 6 weeks
Camp Days: One hour sessions. Intense Training will meet 4 times a week. Basic Training will meet once a week
Season Starts: June 5, 2018
Season Ends: July 28, 2018
Camp Activities: Academics, Active Learning Games, Digital Media, Language Studies

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