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AGC is unique; it is a 501c3 non-profit medical center that addresses a wide variety of medical, psychological, physical, learning, and behavioral issues all under one roof. AGC exists for only one purpose: to identify and treat children with learning disabilities.
Our team is currently housed in a 16,000 ft2 center in the Riverchase area of Hoover, AL. Every person involved is committed to helping children with learning disabilities. AGC is laser-focused on building lifelong skills, one brain at a time.

We have assembled a small army of professionals with specialized training in neurological development. Pediatricians, nurses, and medical assistants provide medical/developmental care and manage therapies and medications; psychologists evaluate and treat the mental health of each client; speech-language pathologists work to improve verbal and aural communication; occupational therapists analyze and remediate motor skills; recreational therapists use whole-body movements to work on coordination and self-regulation; specially-trained teachers and instructors deliver complex intervention sessions. This team attacks the learning disabilities on multiple levels repeatedly in trauma friendly and culturally-sensitive ways.

Fundamentally, all learning is neurological. Learning disabilities are as individual as the individuals who struggle; a one-size-fits-all approach to therapy actually fits no one. After extensive testing, every child who comes to AGC receives a personalized therapeutic plan that addresses his/her specific learning difficulties. AGC treats reading (for example) as the neurological development that it is.

When reading or math skills do not develop efficiently and the educational approach has not worked, medically-guided intervention is needed to train the brain, to create and strengthen neural pathways. These new brain connections are not transient; they persist for a lifetime. The results that AGC delivers are due to implementation of evidence-based interventions.

It was once believed there was a ‘critical period’ of brain development; if you didn’t learn to read by age eight, you wouldn’t learn to read. Three decades of research – much of it done by The Morris Centers – have shown there is no such thing. The brain remains ‘plastic’ throughout life. Alabama Game Changers uses NOW! Programs to train the brain; the Neurodevelopment of Words is a licensed, copyrighted, and proprietary system developed by The Morris Centers and delivered on-line to therapists specifically trained to use it. This is not a ‘read more books’ approach.

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