Cook’s 2021 Summer Fun Online Education Camp

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I help you and/or your child discover their own learning uniquenesses, gifts, and how to use their strengths. Those with a neurodifference, often have intuitive and insightful, well-developed social awareness and emotions while possessing a lexicon of words to help with the synonymous “whys of dyslexia”.

We also have deep and holistic, list-form thinking, problem-solving, and building/constructing abilities, computer skills, and gaming strategies. Lastly, we seek out endeavors of creative, imaginative, visual, artistic, and visionary skills while taking on inventing and innovating pursuits. We may excel at thinking of “outside the box” solutions, seeing a problem from many different sides, and spatial relationships along with the ability to think in 3 dimensions. Lastly, I prepare students with unique learning and neurodifferences to connect to the world with enrichment, intervention, and tutoring! The online tutoring includes one-on-one intervention. The small group online classes includes enrichment as well as intervention. Note: the small-group classes are 6 or less students.

The tutoring intervention and group intervention and enrichment will help your child with reading, writing and speaking. As well as, they gain confidence and be inspired which includes classes on Creative Writing, Reading, and Math. *Summer vacations includes one week free, choose one intervention class as well as one enrichment class:

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Phone 1: (205) 427-3034
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Gender: Coed
Minimum Age: Any Age
Maximum Age: Any Age
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Season Starts: June 7, 2021
Season Ends: July 23, 2021
Camp Activities: Academics, SAT Prep

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