Mason Music 2019 Spring & Summer Camps

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SPRING BREAK MUSIC CAMP FOR BEGINNERS (AGES 6-9): For students who have little or no experience with music and may be wondering which instrument is right for them, Mason Music offers a half-day music camp the week of Spring Break that teaches them the basics of how to sing and play the guitar, piano, drums and violin.

Registration opens on February 1, 2019.


9:00 AM - 12:00 PM    REGISTER BY MARCH 15, 2019


1:00 PM - 4:00 PM      REGISTER BY MARCH 15, 2019

Mason Music Camp For Beginners (Ages 6-9)

June 3-June 7        Bluff Park Studio (9am-12pm)
July 15- July 19     Mountain Brook Studio (9am-12pm)
July 29-August 2   Cahaba Heights Studio (9am-12pm)
July 29-August 2   Greystone Studio (9am-12pm)

For students who have little or no experience with music and may be wondering which instrument is right for them, Mason Music offers a half-day music camp that allows each student the opportunity to learn how to sing and play instruments like the guitar, piano, drums and violin. Each student will spend time with a teacher in small groups working and learning the basics of these instruments. There are also larger group activities and games that will involve the whole camp. The goal of this camp is to allow students to explore their interest on several instruments and learn general music concepts like pitch and rhythm.

STARS Preschool Music Camp (Ages 3-5)

June 10 - June 14   Mountain Brook Studio (9am-11am)
June 24 - June 28  Cahaba Heights Studio (9am-11am)
July 8 - July 12       Bluff Park Studio (9am-11am)
July 22 - July 26     Greystone Studio (9am-11am)

Get ready to blast off into a musical adventure with Mason Music! Our STARS Preschool Music Camp is the perfect way for your little ones to have a great time exploring musical concepts in a creative environment. Suggested for 3 to 5 year olds who are potty trained and ready for fun that's gonna be out-of-this-world!

Led Zeppelin Rock Band Camp (Ages 10-18)

June 17- June 21     Cahaba Heights Studio (9am-3pm)

In honor of the 50th Anniversary of Led Zeppelin, Mason Music is transforming Rock Band Camp into a week-long celebration of the music created and inspired by the greatest rock band of all time. It’s all Led Zeppelin, all week long. Learn about their background, their formation as a band, stories from the road and, of course, songs from their iconic catalogue of rock and roll gold.
This camp is open to students ages 10-18 who have a grasp of their instrument and a love of Led Zeppelin. We are looking for 4 John Bonhams (drummers), 6-8 Jimmy Pages (electric guitarists), 4 John Paul Joneses (bassists) 6-8 Robert Plants (vocalists can be male or female, Robert Plant has quite the range!) and 4 keyboard players to round it out. We would also LOVE to have some string players to put together a string section for songs like Kashmir and The Rain Song.

Sign up with your friends to form a band of 5 to 7 people, or register to be drafted together with other musicians of similar age and skill level. Ramble on with us for a week-long, full-day rock experience at our Cahaba Heights Studio, complete with a “battle of the bands” at the end of camp.

Overdrive Rock Band Camp (Ages 13-18)
July 22- July 27  Cahaba Heights Studio (9am-3pm)

WANTED: Drummers, Bass Players, Acoustic/Electric Guitar Players, Keyboard/Piano Players, Singers, Violin Players
For students who have at least 2 years of experience on their instrument or have been to our Rock Band Camps or Rock Band League, we now have OVERDRIVE – a one-of-a-kind, one-week camp where you’ll be plugged into bands that play together, write together and record together to create an actual EP of your music.

You’ll get dedicated time with guest musicians to focus on songwriting and recording techniques PLUS you’ll work with a producer in our professional recording studio and walk away with a copy of your band’s original song. Then you'll get to play that song live, along with covers that you've learned with your band throughout the week at a public venue on Saturday in front of friends and family. We're bringing you "From The Classroom, To The Studio, To The Stage!”

All of these camps are listed on our website, and registration will open for each of them on February 1, 2019.

Address: 3187 Cahaba Heights Road Birmingham, AL 35243
Phone 1: 205-908-7059
Email: Click to email us
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Gender: Coed
Minimum Age: 3
Maximum Age: 18
Year Established: 2013
Capacity: 30
Average Cost Per Week:


Camp Length: Weekly
Camp Days: Monday- Friday
Season Starts: March 25, 2019
Season Ends: August 2, 2019
Camp Activities: Music

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