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Birmingham Parent targets parents from all walks of life and all areas of the community. Editorial content serves expectant parents, moms and dads of infants, toddlers, adolescents and teens, and grandparents helping raise grandchildren. Birmingham Parent crosses all faiths and all cultural barriers to reach the one central goal for every parent – raising happy, healthy, productive children. Birmingham Parent is an indispensable monthly resource for parents in and around Birmingham. Member of Parenting Publications of America.


Birmingham Parent readers are well-educated, affluent, consumer-oriented parents who put the needs of their children and family first. If you’re a retailer or service provider targeting this lucrative market, our readers are your potential costumers. Partner with us today to maximize the effectiveness of your advertising dollar.

  • 97.8% find our publication helpful for their family
  • 71.7% keep our publication 2 weeks or longer
  • 74% of readers say they read the advertisements in our publication most or all of the time
  • 91.8% of readers are female
  • Average age of readers is 37
  • 77.7% of readers are married
  • 2.47 people read each magazine
  • 52.6% have a college degree or higher

Source – Parenting Media Association National Readership Survey