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Why Advertise With Birmingham Parent?

Here are the top 10 reasons why spending your advertising dollars with BIRMINGHAM PARENT may be the best marketing decision you’ll make!

  • 1. Target Distribution.
    Unlike other free publications in town, BIRMINGHAM PARENT is distributed in places our target audience is most likely to be. You’ll find us in childcare centers, private and public schools, health care facilities, libraries, YMCA’s, popular shopping outlets and more.
  • 2. Specific Audience.
    Parents are one of the top consumer groups. Birmingham parents buy more than diapers and formula. They want houses, clothes, groceries, gifts, new cars, furniture, as well as fun places to go with their kids, after school activities, health care and more.
  • 3. Top-Quality Editorial.
    BIRMINGHAM PARENT’S writers represent some of the area’s best. Seasoned and experienced award-winning professionals, you’ll get an honest, impartial look at the topics we cover, rather than one person’s personal view or an article that is essentially an advertisement for a product or service.
  • 4. Monthly, Free Issues.
    Since BIRMINGHAM PARENT is published monthly, your ads receive more notice for a longer period of time than in a daily or weekly publication, and some have an even longer shelf life because of their locations. That means excellent long-term exposure for your ad! And the entire issue is online at
  • 5. Impeccable Monthly Calendar of Events.
    Our calendar has long been considered one of the best, and it continues to improve each month, offering great ideas for family outings, events and more, in an easy-to-read and find format.
  • 6. Concise, Attractive Format and Appearance.
    BIRMINGHAM PARENT’s format makes it perfect for busy moms, dads and caregivers. The attractive, all-color format with clearly-marked resources for stories that are of interest to the readers help parents read what is geared toward their particular needs. The heavy-weight book paper make those “keeper” articles easier to hang on to. And it’s also available in digital format at
  • 7. Excellent Demographics.
    BIRMINGHAM PARENT readers are well-educated, affluent, consumer-oriented parents who put the needs of their children and family first. Some 74% of readers say they read ads in our publication most of the time, 52.6% have a college degree or higher and 71.7% keep our publication 2 weeks or longer.
  • 8. Outstanding Web Site.
    Missed contest info or an important event? You can find contests, events and the complete calendar online each month at
  • 9. Strongest Circulation and Readership.
    Others may claim they print a circulation of more than 20,000 or more each month, but can they offer a 7% return rate? Magazines and their ads are only effective if they are picked up and read. We print an average of 20,000 copies per month, some months more, and an estimated 2.47 people per issue read the magazine, adding up to a readership of 55,000+!
  • 10. One of few local magazines independently audited. We put our numbers to the test.
    We are independently audited by the Circulation Verification Council (CVC, so you know our numbers are accurate.


Birmingham Parent reaches the family market more effectively than any other publication. It is in most all schools, libraries, hospitals, doctor offices, daycares, convenience stores, restaurants and many other outlets. Birmingham Parent covers seven counties with more than 700 outlets.

“Our distribution company has handled Birmingham Parent and several other major publications for more than 21 years in Birmingham. We have knowledge of the most effective outlets in the Birmingham market with our long experience in the area. Our employees are only the most reliable, dependable and honest distribution people who have all been with us a long time. We take great care in maintaining our outlets month after month. That is why I can say that the Birmingham Parent is the best buy for the advertising dollar by far over any other publication.”

Tom Armstrong, T & P Deliveries, Birmingham Parent’s main magazine distribution service

For advertising information call us at 205-624-2405 or click here to contact us online.