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Four University of Alabama at Birmingham Students Have Been Named University Innovation Fellows by Stanford University

Published: 03/13/19
By: Courtesy of the University of Alabama at Birmingham
In the fall of 2018, 358 students from 96 higher education institutions in 16 countries were named University Innovation fellows — a prestigious honor that empowers students to be agents of change for their schools. Four students from the University of Alabama at Birmingham were among those chosen. Jason Zhang, a sophomore [Read More]

Special Needs Directory Spring 2019

Published: 02/28/19
Following is an abbreviated list of local resources and services in this issue of Birmingham Parent for Alabama kids with special needs. There are a number of services offered throughout the state for parents with children with disabilities, from inclusive school care programs to music and sports teams and classes. [Read More]

Taming That Tiny Terror

Published: 02/28/19
By: Rebecca Mason, CPDT-KA, CTDI, M.Ed.
In: Pets
Hands are not toys – neither are they weapons. This is one of the first things I teach my obedience students when they come to see me, because everyone loves their little Christmas puppy until they realize they have (unintentionally) trained that pup to bite their hands! Inevitably, in every [Read More]

Sean of the South – Buddies

Published: 02/28/19
By: Sean Dietrich
“I’ll bet you’ve never written a column about a turtle,” said Mary, sitting across from me at the coffee shop. No. I can’t say that I have. And I’m not sure I want to break a lucky streak. Then Mary told me a story. She was a thirteen-year-old when she [Read More]

Parenting People – Providing Diapers to Children in Need

Published: 02/28/19
By: Lori Chandler Pruitt
In 2016, the Junior League of Birmingham became aware of the great need for diapers for children whose parents could not afford them. That first month of the league’s pilot diaper bank program, just from word-of-mouth collections, the league was able to distribute more than 33,000 disposable diapers to agencies [Read More]

Living with Marfan Syndrome

Published: 02/28/19
By: Paige Townley
Carter Trahan never really seemed sick. He was surprisingly tall, and he did have to get glasses at a young age, but his mother, Chanda, never suspected he might be showing signs of any potential problems. “It’s easy to shrug off a child having to get glasses when so many [Read More]

Alabama Institute for the Deaf and Blind

Published: 02/28/19
By: Carol Muse Evans
“Deaf. Blind. Limitless.” This is the mantra of the Alabama Institute for the Deaf and Blind (AIDB) in Talladega, Alabama. AIDB serves some 26,254 infants, toddlers, children and seniors at five campuses and eight regional centers across the state of Alabama. Five schools are housed within AIDB in Talladega – [Read More]
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