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May 2019 College and Career Directory

Published: 05/01/19
Colleges & Schools Auburn University at Montgomery 7400 East Dr. Montgomery, AL 36117 334-244-3000 Auburn University at Montgomery was founded in 1967. The nationally accredited university offers more than 90 degree programs to more than 5,000 undergraduate and graduate student. Birmingham Southern College 900 Arkadelphia Rd. Birmingham, AL 35254 [Read More]

Teaching Kids to Speak “Dog”

Published: 05/01/19
By: Rebecca Mason CPDT-KA, CTDI, M.Ed.
In: Pets
Everyone thinks their child won’t be bitten by a dog – until they are. “Fluffy would never…” “Fluffy lets him lay all over her…” I have heard it time after time and it makes me cringe. According to the CDC, more than half of dog bites to humans occur in [Read More]

How to Handle Emotional Stress from Tornadoes and Severe Weather

Published: 05/01/19
By: Courtesy of UAB
In many parts of the country, tornado warnings and threats are commonplace in the spring and the early summer months. Many people have experienced an active tornado in their communities firsthand, watching the physical devastation unfold in real time. While communities and individuals tend to have physical disaster plans in [Read More]

Know Your Flight Rights When Traveling With Kids

Published: 05/01/19
By: Courtesy of AirHelp
In: Travel
It’s that time of year when more families are traveling, and many are flying to their destinations. Flying can be stressful, and bringing kids with you can add to that. What are your rights when traveling with children? AirHelp, the world’s leading air passenger rights company, has the following insights [Read More]

Cheating to Get Into College

Published: 05/01/19
The overwhelming pressure to get into an elite university has resulted in dozens of people, including prominent celebrities, facing charges in connection with a nationwide college admission cheating scandal. The bribery chain involving standardized testing companies and top college coaches illuminates the insane competition to get teens into top schools. According [Read More]

Planning for College or Career?

Published: 05/01/19
By: Paige Townley
The rates of high school graduates today going on to college are about as high as ever. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, in October 2017, 66.7 percent of 2017 high school graduates age 16 to 24 were enrolled in colleges or universities. That number is just lower [Read More]

Benefits of Special Needs Camps

Published: 03/31/19
By: Denise Yearian
At age 6, Kim Kelly paid her first visit to a special needs residential camp. It was an experience she and her family will never forget. Up to this point, she had lived a pretty sheltered life. “Because she has a hearing loss and an orthopedic problem, it was natural [Read More]
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