Is Private Education the Choice Decision for You?

If you’ve ever considered private school for your child, this is the Birmingham Parent issue for you! We’ve got several great stories on how to choose a private education and why, and then there’s our great directory of private schools to keep as a resource, should you decide to explore this option for your child.

My children are grown, but they have run the educational gamut. They have attended public school, private school and were even homeschooled for a time. We had good experiences in all three! We made big sacrifices to send our children to a Christian school for a few years, but we don’t regret it. The lessons and environment there were perfect for them at that time.

But when our daughter was diagnosed with scoliosis and put in a large brace to wear 22 hours a day, we made another decision, another sacrifice, for me to become their teacher, and we homeschooled for a time. After two years of a brace, our daughter still had to have major back surgery. We were blessed to be able to school her at home so she maintained her grades and studies and didn’t have to be left back. In fact, she ended up doing early enrollment at junior college and graduating as a homeschooler.

Our son, four years younger, was pulled out of private school and homeschooled with his sister. It was a money decision for us, and he even completed two grades in one year! But when his sister graduated high school, our son wanted to return to public high school, which he did, with great success and plenty of friends.

So I understand that so many issues face parents today with their educational decisions for their children. Every child and family is different. We at Birmingham Parent hope that this information will help you make an informed decision if you decide to explore private education. While it’s not for every child/every family, it might be for you.

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Birmingham Parent November 2018

November is National Adoption Month. Don’t miss our feature on Adoption, another family decision that you may be considering.

In this special holiday season, we at Birmingham Parent are thankful for YOU our readers and YOU our advertisers and sponsors who make Birmingham Parent possible every month and who encourage us and read the magazine month after month, year after year. Thank you for loving “our baby.”

Happy Thanksgiving!

Carol Muse Evans

Member, Alabama Media Professionals and National Federation of Press Women, member of SAPA

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